The family law is a branch of civil law that deals with legal issues affecting family relationships and marital ties. This area of law is fundamental to ensuring the protection of rights and the interests of the people involved in situations of marriage, divorce, separation, civil unions, successions And donations.

Diritto di famiglia

When it comes to matters double, a lawyer specializing in family law offers the advice and assistance necessary to deal with the various phases of the marriage process. The law firm provides legal support for the preparation of marriage documents, the stipulation of prenuptial contracts and the drafting of cohabitation agreements.

In case of divorce or separation, the law firm represents a fundamental ally in navigating through the complex procedure of dissolving a marriage. The lawyer can help establish fair agreements on the division of assets, thecustody of children and the payment of alimony. Furthermore, it can provide assistance in preparing all the legal documents necessary to start the divorce or separation procedure.

In the context of civil unions, a specialized lawyer can offer legal advice on the creation, recognition and dissolution of civil unions. This may involve the preparation of civil partnership contracts and legal representation in cases of dissolution of this type of relationship.

Jawad Asmahi law firm also deals with issues related to successions and at donations. In these situations, the experienced attorney can help plan inheritances and gifts effectively, ensuring that the person's wishes are respected and that assets are distributed as per the will.

It is important to consult a family law professional to ensure these sensitive legal matters are properly handled. A specialist can offer legal expertise, experience and adequate representation to ensure that the rights and interests of those involved are adequately protected.

The Jawad Asmahi law firm, with its experience in the field of family law, offers professional consultancy and representation services in Italian, Arabic, English, French and Spanish. Attorney Asmahi is committed to providing superior legal assistance, ensuring an in-depth understanding of his clients' specific needs across different languages and cultural contexts.

To contact To obtain personalized and professional advice in the field of family law, the Jawad Asmahi law firm is the right choice to guarantee adequate management and effective protection of your rights.

Areas of application in matters of family law

The firm provides assistance in all areas of family law, from contracts to the institution of marriage:

  • Judicial separation
  • consensual separation
  • Judicial divorce
  • Consensual divorce
  • Assisted negotiation in separation/divorce
  • Visiting rights
  • Domestic partnership
  • Regulation of children born out of wedlock
  • Civil unions
  • Modification of the conditions of separation and divorce
  • Judicial declaration of paternity and denial of paternity
  • Compensation for intra-family damage
  • Food performance
  • International family law
  • Successions
  • Donations
  • Cohabitation contracts and pre-nuptial agreements
  • International family law
  • Compensation for intra-family damage

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