The lawyer Jawad Asmahi delivers legal advice with the utmost seriousness and professionalism. Legal consultancy is essential when it is necessary to make important decisions or resolve delicate legal problems. Very often those who do not have specific technical knowledge in legal fields risk making inadequate decisions which can lead to serious risks in the civil field (for example compensation for damages) and in the criminal field.

Legal consultancy is expressed in providing so-called legal opinions and advice to people who do not have specific legal skills.

Lawyer Asmahi also offers legal advice in the form of online legal advice both in civil and criminal matters to its clients, also making use of different professionals and consultants.

Online legal advice

Legal advice can also be provided in the form of online legal advice: you can contact the lawyer. Asmahi via the contact page to make an appointment by telephone or video call (Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams).

How legal advice works:

  1. the lawyer listens to the needs or facts presented by the client's client
  2. the lawyer brings the particular case of his client back to the general case described by the legislator: he therefore frames the situation within the reference regulatory framework;
  3. the lawyer identifies the legal rules to be applied to the specific case and explains them to the client;
  4. the lawyer looks for precedents in jurisprudence: he indicates to the client how cases similar to his have been treated in the past by the courts;
  5. the lawyer shows the client the possible paths to take to resolve the case.

If you need legal advice, contact the lawyer. Jawad Asmahi for an appointment or consultation.

You can find all the contact information on this page by clicking here.