When we are involved in legal matters, it is important to understand the difference between criminal law and civil law. While both are branches of the legal system, they have different goals and approaches. The criminal law concerns violations of criminal laws established by the State. These laws are what we call “crimes,” such as theft, murder, assault, fraud, and many other cases of illegal behavior. The criminal law focuses on punishing those who commit such crimes to protect society and restore justice.

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On the other hand, the civil right regulates disputes between private individuals, such as contract disputes, divorces, property matters and many others. The main objective of civil law is to resolve disputes between people and provide a remedy to victims, ensuring compensation for damage suffered or compensation for violated interests.

The criminal law it is a complex and delicate sector that requires specific experience. It is essential to contact a lawyer specialized in criminal law, such as the lawyer Jawad Asmahi of Bologna, to deal with legal issues related to crimes and criminal violations, capable of providing expert legal advice, represent clients in court, and negotiate with prosecutors to obtain favorable results.

Relying on a criminal law professional can be crucial to ensuring fair treatment and a fair trial.

In addition to experience in the criminal sector, lawyer Asmahi has the linguistic competence in Italian, Arabic, English, French and Spanish, ideal for dealing with foreign citizens, communicating in an understandable manner even to those who do not possess in-depth legal knowledge.

Whether you are accused of a crime or whatever you are victims of a crime, contacting a specialist in criminal law is essential to guarantee the best defense or obtain the right justice.

Areas of application in criminal matters

Below are some of the crimes handled by the law firm of Lawyer Jawad Asmahi

  • Drug crimes
  • Prison criminal law
  • Crimes against honor committed in the press or on the internet.
  • Intentional and negligent crimes of danger.
  • Juvenile criminal law
  • Cyber criminal law
  • Crimes against public faith.
  • Crimes against the person (homicide, personal injury, stalking).
  • Crimes against property.
  • Computer crimes.
  • Association crimes and organized crime
  • Sexual offenses and prostitution
  • Crimes against the family and stalking
  • Personal and property prevention measures
  • Execution of sentences and surveillance judgments
  • Review of the trial and reparation for unjust detention
  • Professional responsibility of healthcare professionals
  • Crimes against the public administration
  • Defamation in the press and crimes against honor
  • Computer crimes
  • Construction and environmental crimes

Legal advice

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