In case of accusation for crimes connected to the traffic of drug and/or narcotic substances the lawyer's work is very complex.
The lawyer Jawad Asmahi of Bologna, also thanks to the help of external collaborators, is able to carry out an accurate and detailed defensive activity to examine the accusations made by the public prosecution.

Arresto sostanze stupefacenti

Charges for violating drug laws can vary in severity, but all can have devastating effects on personal and professional lives, resulting in sentences of up to many years in prison (up to 30 years in prison in the most serious cases). It is essential that anyone accused of a drug law violation understands the extreme gravity of their position and enlists the help of professional help to build a robust defense.

The lawyer Jawad Asmahi can assist you in your defense in cases of traffic And detention illicit use of narcotic substances (art. 73 Presidential Decree 309/1990), production, cultivation, both of modest quantity (art. 73, paragraph 5, Presidential Decree 309/90), which of a large quantity (art. 80 Presidential Decree 309/90) as well as in very serious cases of criminal association aimed at illicit trafficking of narcotic substances (art. 74 Presidential Decree 309/90 ).

The Asmahi law firm will also be able to assist you in evaluating the legitimacy of the many telephone or environmental interception operations that are often the starting point of investigations.

Even for those who have been arrested in flagrante delicto, the right to a just defense is absolutely inalienable.
Finally, the Asmahi law firm will be able to verify, even if you were arrested in flagrante delicto, the correctness of the actions of the police forces, the legitimacy of the search and arrest carried out, the quality of the narcotic substance (also thanks to consultants and external experts), the possibility of arguing that the detention was aimed at "personal use": if it is not possible - due to the presence of overwhelming evidence - to obtain your acquittal, then look for the lawyer Asmahi of Bologna who will be able to offer you the line better procedural to get you the least possible sentence.

Legal assistance is not limited to crimes relating exclusively to so-called "soft drugs" (hashish, marijuana, etc.), but also to crimes relating to "hard drugs" (cocaine, heroin, LSD, amphetamine, MDMA, etc.) .

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