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Diritto penale

Criminal law

It is important to have a competent defense when involved in a criminal case. Our law firm is committed to providing legal assistance in criminal investigations, defense of defendants and representation in court for a wide range of crimes.

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Diritto Civile

Civil right

The law firm deals with legal issues regarding rights and disputes between individuals or entities. We offer advice and representation in cases involving contracts, damages, property, accidents and much more.

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Immigration law

Immigration can involve a number of complicated legal issues. The law firm provides advice and assistance in requesting visas, residence permits, citizenship, family reunification and more.

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Diritto di famiglia

Family Law

Family matters can be complex and sensitive. Our law firm is here to provide advice and assistance in matters of divorce, child custody, adoption, parental rights, and more.

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Legal advice

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Discover the other legal areas of the Asmahi Law Firm:

Criminal law

  • Crimes against honor committed in the press or on the internet.
  • Drug crimes
  • Prison criminal law
  • Intentional and negligent crimes of danger.
  • Juvenile criminal law
  • Cyber criminal law
  • Crimes against public faith.
  • Crimes against the person (homicide, personal injury, stalking).
  • Crimes against property.
  • Computer crimes.
  • Association crimes and organized crime
  • Sexual offenses and prostitution
  • Crimes against the family and stalking
  • Personal and property prevention measures
  • Execution of sentences and surveillance judgments
  • Review of the trial and reparation for unjust detention
  • Professional responsibility of healthcare professionals
  • Crimes against the public administration
  • Defamation in the press and crimes against honor
  • Computer crimes
  • Construction and environmental crimes

Civil right

The firm provides assistance in all areas of civil law, from contracts to family law, inheritance, real rights, civil liability and debt collection. The lawyer Asmahi Jawad deals with resolving disputes and problems regarding civil and property law.

  • Labor relations and commercial law (employment contracts, dismissals, non-payment of wages or overtime worked, etc.);
  • Cases between shareholders and the company, or between the company and customers or suppliers;
  • Contracts and obligations (fulfillments, debt collection);
  • Protection of subjective rights;
  • Consumer issues (purchase of defective goods, payment of utilities);
  • Real property and rights;
  • Leases of real estate;
  • Condominium and neighbor lawsuits;
  • pension lawsuits;
  • Succession and wills;
  • Lawsuits against banks;
  • Road accidents and compensation for damages.
  • Enforcement procedures for non-payment of maintenance payments to spouses and children and divorce payments
  • Disputes between co-heirs for hereditary succession;
  • Civil, contractual and non-contractual liability due to tort;
  • Contractual breach;
  • Bankruptcies;
  • Debt collection;
  • Cases between a company and its shareholders, or between a company and its customers and suppliers;
  • Dismissals without just cause;
  • Non-payment of salary;
  • Purchase of defective goods;
  • Evictions and disputes relating to property rental agreements;
  • Condominium;
  • Social security and related disputes;
  • Cases against a bank;
  • Compensation for damages in the event of a road accident.
  • Compensation for flight cancellation or delay.


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Family law

  • Judicial separation
  • consensual separation
  • Judicial divorce
  • Consensual divorce
  • Assisted negotiation in separation/divorce
  • Visiting rights
  • Domestic partnership
  • Regulation of children born out of wedlock
  • Civil unions
  • Modification of the conditions of separation and divorce
  • Judicial declaration of paternity and denial of paternity
  • Compensation for intra-family damage
  • Food performance
  • International family law
  • Successions
  • Donations
  • Cohabitation contracts and pre-nuptial agreements
  • International family law
  • Compensation for intra-family damage