Digital Nomad Visa for Italy: Everything you need to know – Digital Nomad Visa

Italy is opening up to the new opportunities offered by the growing global community of digital workers. Following in the footsteps of other cutting-edge countries, such as Portugal, Spain and Germany, our country has introduced the Digital Nomad Visa, an unprecedented opportunity for those who wish to work in Italy while living and traveling around the world.

Before the introduction of ministerial decree of 29 February 2024 published in the Official Journal no. 79 of 04 April 2024, i digital nomads who wanted to work and stay in Italy they were faced with several bureaucratic challenges. The Italian regulatory framework did not provide a specific category that recognized the peculiarities of remote work for individuals not belonging to the European Union. As a result, digital nomads often had to rely on tourism, study, or work visas, each with their own limitations and requirements that did not necessarily match the lifestyle and work needs of digital nomads.

But exactly who are digital nomads? How can they obtain a visa and residence permit to live in Italy?

Who are digital nomads?

THE Digital nomads are individuals who use technologies to work remotely while traveling. This definition includes a wide range of professionals, from entrepreneurs to self-employed workers to employees of companies that allow remote work. The defining characteristic of digital nomads is their ability to do their work from anywhere, as long as they have a reliable internet connection. This lifestyle allows for significant flexibility, offering the chance to explore new cultures and places while maintaining a career.
The ministerial decree defines a digital nomad as a foreigner who carries out self-employed work through the use of technological tools that allow you to work remotely. It is estimated that this category of workers numbers over 35 million people in the world.

Who is the Digital Nomad Visa intended for?

The Visa for entry into Italy for remote workers It is intended for all those people who do not have a European passport and who work as digital nomads, whether for a company or business or as self-employed workers, based anywhere in the world.

Requirements to obtain the Digital Nomad Visa

To request the Digital Nomad Visa it is necessary:

  • Have a qualification as a highly specialized worker, engaged in remote working for at least 6 months;
  • an employment or collaboration contract or the related binding offer from an employer, who, if resident in Italy, must not have had criminal convictions in the last five years;
  • A minimum annual income of approximately 28,000 euros;
  • Health insurance coverage valid for at least one year in Italy;
  • The availability of accommodation on Italian territory;

After obtaining the digital nomad visa and entering Italy, what should you do?

After entering Italy with a regular permit Remote worker visa, within eight days it is necessary to request a residence permit from the Police Headquarters of the province where you are staying, which is the official document that allows you to live in Italy regularly. The residence permit for "digital nomad - remote worker" that will be issued is valid for one year, renewable annually if the conditions and requirements persist.
Furthermore, the digital nomad who enters Italy and obtains a residence permit is also allowed to reunite his family members, who will be issued a residence permit for family reasons.

If you are a digital nomad or remote worker and are interested in obtaining the Digital Nomad Visa, do not hesitate to contact us to assist you and help you in the process of applying for a visa and residence permit to live in Italy!