Request for replacement of precautionary measure and request for release

A person is in prison awaiting trial because he has been affected by a precautionary measure ordering a measure in winulis which cancels his personal freedom.

Even if, through the lawyer, the precautionary measure before the Court of Review to obtain release from prison, but the Freedom Judge rejected the request, the Italian legal system still allows one to have a chance to be released from prison (see Criminal Procedure Code, title I – book IV)

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This opportunity is provided byapplication for release: this request must be studied and drafted by the lawyer with extreme care and skill and must be presented within the established deadlines to the Judge of Preliminary Investigations, to avoid a negative outcome.

The person is in prison awaiting trial because through the precautionary measure order and the order of the Court of Review the Judges have considered that there are serious indications of guilt and that precautionary needs remain (danger of contamination of evidence, danger escape, risk of repeating the crime).

The request for release may have a good chance of being accepted if the lawyer is able to demonstrate to the judge of the precautionary measure that interventions new facts or not previously detected which make serious indications of guilt disappear or which make the requirements of precautionary needs disappear such as for example the contamination of evidence, the risk of repetition of the crime or the risk of escape.

A very brief example to better understand what has been stated can be the following (summary of a case actually handled by the Asmahi Law Firm): thanks to the defensive investigations carried out by the Lawyer which also consisted of a forensic investigation on a mobile phone used by the person subject to precautionary measure one emerges try new which drops the serious indications of guilt that had led the Judge to opt for the precautionary measure of prison.

L'adv. Jawad Asmahi of the Bologna Court through interviews in prison or by listening to other people familiar with the facts such as relatives and friends to study the fact in all its meanings and to evaluate the possibility of presenting a release request.

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